Lounge Bar

Make an impression, take part in stimulating conversation, close a deal, or simply enjoy a drink in peace! You will be surprised of how enjoyable it is to make new acquaintances under an atmosphere of soothing music and soft lighting

Indoor catering

Defining the standard for luxurious hospitality, catering services by Alexandra Hotel is the premier catering choice for every social event or party - from a small business meeting to a corporate seminar.

Within the most versatile and desirable setting for any business event, the catering services professionals at Alexandra Hotel will handle every aspect of your events. Our extensive catering menus are created to suit specific event needs.


SAlthough staying fit on Kos is hardly difficult, with biking, swimming, trekking even endless walking always and option, there is still a need for the gym.

So when the time is right, state of the art cardio, fitness and bodybuilding equipment await in a spotlessly clean facility.


Any and all reasons are good enough to indulge in a delicious sauna experience!

Our sauna is designed to provide relaxation in a contemporary environment. We encourage you to give it a try!

Internet Corner

As a hotel mostly preferred by business associates we could not have forgotten about their needs of internet connectivity and remote management. For this purpose we provide our Internet Corner which contains all the necessary equipment to satisfy the needs of our guests.

From our Internet Corner you have the opportunity to keep your contacts and your work up to date, participate in your social networks and of course download your documents for offline usage.